Toronto Piano Tuning

by Jamie Musselwhite

Toronto Piano Tuning

by James Musselwhite

The Heintzman "ProPiano"

"This is the perfect piano for the musician who wants more from their instrument..."

The "ProPiano" is a Fully Rebuilt 1928 Heintzman "Miniature" Grand Piano, refinished in satin ebony.

Not only is it a beautiful instrument, perfect for the discerning pianist, but thanks to optical sensors under the keys, you can not only record via MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), record the live audio using specially designed internal microphones, but any combination of the two utilizing the built-in digital sound library. Using an Apple iPad Pro, you can multi-track your recording (ie: Play all the instruments in an orchestra - including drums - using the piano's keyboard).

The piano also has an extra pedal that mutes the live piano sound completely, giving the player the ability to transform the piano into any other instrument. As an example, a church could literally use the piano as an organ! The audio output has  Bluetooth capability so that it can be wirelessly amplified using either your home stereo, wireless headphones, or even a P.A. system. 

There are also two extra digital touch pedals built into the pedal lyre that allows the player to turn pages - hands free - on the iPad:  Special software allows you to build a large library of music either downloaded or scanned.

In addition to all the above, using special software, an apple pen, the piano keyboard, and the computer keyboard built into a hidden drawer you can compose and edit your own music.

Oh, and by the way... This system can be installed in any piano!

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