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James Edward (Jamie) Musselwhite is a piano tuner, a composer, and an author. He's written a bunch of books about a bunch of different things, but mostly, they're about his own insecurities and phobias. It's a shame, really, because at heart, he's just a simple person with simple problems... like most people in The World. He should simply get over it and move on.

He currently lives in Toronto, a Canadian city that is trying hard to be New York, but failing miserably because of its disregard for the past. He used to live in Winnipeg, a city known for its population of unusually large pests.

He was, however, born and raised further out west, in Calgary, Alberta. It's a city with a lovely view of the Rocky Mountains that is quite famous for their regular celebration of cowboy culture. Despite that, or perhaps partly due to that, Jamie has very fond memories of the way it used to be and dreams of returning one day... but, perhaps he should simply get over it and move on from that, as well. Everything changes after all. Well, perhaps not everything...


Paul Hahn & Co is thrilled to announce Jamie Musselwhite has joined our team! Jamie, a 3rd generation piano technician, musician, author, and composer, brings over 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE to share with customers of Paul Hahn & Co. Drop by anytime to meet Jamie personally. On May 12th, (his birthday), there will be live music, refreshments and cake!


Jamie Musselwhite | Paul Hahn & Co. | 1058 Yonge St | Toronto, ON M4W 2L4 | 416.922.3122 x237 |PAULHAHN.COM JAMIE@PAULHAHN.COM


A Piano Tuner...

Jamie Musselwhite grew up among the sound of pianos and piano tuning. His father, Caleb Henry (Cal) Musselwhite, and his grandfather, Fredrick William, were both piano technicians, and today, he and his brother, John, carry on the family tradition.

For close to a half-century, Jamie has tuned, repaired and rebuilt pianos professionally, but his love of pianos stems from being a young boy literally learning at the knee of his father.

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A Composer...

Sacred choral music, television jingles, film scoring, Jamie has done it all, and in every style imaginable. In fact, his sacred oratorio, "A Joy From Age To Age" includes musical styles ranging from Gregorian chants, to jazz, and even good ol' rock-and-roll.

Most recently, Jamie has arranged and provided musical direction for two of his daughter's presentations at the Toronto Fringe Festival. You can visit Eliza Blue Musselwhite's website here.


An Author.

Jamie has written ten books – and counting. Featured on this website are both fiction and non-fiction titles. The genre and subject matter of these works are diverse. In fact, it would be difficult to pin him down to any specific style.

His interests are wide-ranging and eclectic, as is his target audience. From pre-school picture books, to science fiction, there is something here for everyone. Check back often, as he is prolific!

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by Jamie Musselwhite...


Dear Mr. Musselwhite...”

Dear Mr. Musselwhite...”

An e-mail from a young client prompts a third-generation piano tuner to reminisce about his life, and learning his trade from his father.



Two Spirits: Lazarus

After a simple fairy tale becomes a worldwide cult, a terrorist organization uses it to infiltrate millions of computers - culminating in the accidental creation of an artificial intelligence.



Two Spirits: Pandora

In a world where an intelligent self-aware computer rules, the accidental creation "The Perfect Human Female" threatened to change the future that "IT" had envisioned. 


Two Spirits: Adam and Angela

In this, the third installment of the Two Spirits Trilogy, A worldwide blackout forces a young man and a young women to learn more about themselves and each other as they struggle to find each other in the dark.

Get Lost.jpg

Get Lost      

In the first installment of the series, 'Black Valley Stories', fourteen year-old Calvin Henry is an orphaned genius living on the streets using nothing but a few well-honed skills. When his tried-and-tested methods finally fail him, he is sent to a mountain camp where he learns the biggest lesson of his life.

Diary of Anton Vizig.jpg

The Diary of Anton Vizig

Pianist Anton Vizig is a 24-year-old eccentric virtuoso who is haunted by ghosts and terrorized by puzzling nightmares. When his identity is stolen, he is forced to deal with all of life's complexities in order to solve the mystery of his past.


EEK! A Piano!

EEK! A Piano! was written with one goal in mind: To make buying, owning, and playing a piano less mysterious. After reading this book, you will not only be more informed, but excited about having a piano in your life, and not even the teensiest bit scared!

Cat Cover Front.jpg

"If it wasn't for the cats..."

After a thousand years away, a human colony on a massive spaceship is on an interstellar mission to return home. They live in a peaceful society, preserving what they believed to be an approximation of the lives that their ancestors led on earth. It would be paradise... if it wasn't for the Cats.


A Joy From Age to Age

A Christmas Oratorio for two Choirs, Soloists, Organ, Piano, and Instrumental Ensemble. An exploration of the genres of western music used throughout the ages, from the Medieval era, through the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic , and modern periods, including 20th century popular forms.


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Askings Cover.jpg

The Askings

In which a society of “semi”- immortal humans, who have lived their lives by the motto, “Obliviscatur 'Primum Non Nocere' - Nihil Facere” (Forget 'Do No Harm' - Do Nothing), invite me into their 'Club', and reveal to me their secrets.