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“The Askings”


In which, a society of “semi”- immortal humans, who have lived their lives by the motto, “Obliviscatur 'Primum Non Nocere' - Nihil Facere” (Forget 'Do No Harm' - Do Nothing), invite me into their 'Club', and reveal to me their secrets.

Musselwhite, James Edward
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3. Fiction – Historical
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Musselwhite, James Edward
ISBN-13: 978-1983805943

ISBN-10: 1983805947

© 2018 James Edward Musselwhite

The Askings


In which I find myself alone.

There was a quality of light shining through the small cut-glass segments of the window that transformed the inside of the room. The light was diffused as through a prism, casting rainbows upon its walls. The imperfect lens which renders the exterior world out-of-focus, obscures what lies within from prying eyes.

I was transfixed by the sight. It felt as though I was seeing a special-effect cross fade in a fantasy movie – Once upon a time... Enter the looking glass... Here, there be dragons.

The empty chairs around the C-shaped table haunted me. Daniel's chair at the head still bore the dented cushion, and from his open, running laptop, the sound of battle and medieval music still emanated from the headphones by its side.

Mansa's chair to Daniel's right, Gaston's to the left. Goody and Gita's chairs close together next to the knight's, and across the C, Orwell's chair - and finally, mine.

I sat in my place, one last time, put my head in my hands and cried. How could I have been so careless? How could I have ever doubted?

My deepest fear had, of course, been correct, and I had led the beast right to my lair. Daniel had known. Daniel had sensed it before all of us. I, being the last and the least, had not acted.

I cursed myself, rose from my chair, and paced the room – heartbroken, lost, and alone. This must be a taste of what they had all felt over the endless years, the interminable centuries. So many moments of loss, too much knowledge of death.

Without the heart to go on, I, nevertheless, moved on. It is what they would have done, what they had done, again, and again, and again.