EEK! A Piano!*

*(Everything you ever needed to know about pianos, but were afraid to ask.)

By James Musselwhite

Anchors and Bees Publishing

Toronto, ON.


© 2012 James Musselwhite

cover art and illustrations

© 2012 Hannah Sky Musselwhite

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EEK! A Piano!

Everything you ever needed to know about pianos, but were afraid to ask...

Don't be afraid, be informed. A piano can't hurt you unless it falls on you, (SO DON'T MOVE ONE YOURSELF!), and it could be one of the best friends you'll ever have.

What does the word “Piano” mean to you? To most people, it conjures up an image of something that is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. They have seen a piano on a stage, or in a home, but they have never owned one, or even played one.

To me, this is a remarkable fact. I grew up around pianos, and interact with them daily, but even though they are everywhere, the fact is that many think of a piano as something that someone else uses, that other people own.

However, they are a universal and accessible instrument. To play a piano, all you have to do is to press a key.

This little book has been written with one goal in mind: To make buying, owning, and playing a piano less mysterious. It is my sincere wish that after reading this book you are not only more informed, but actually even excited about having a piano in your life, and not even the teensiest bit scared!