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Two Spirits: Adam and Angela



What if...

Everything worked perfectly, everyone's needs were taken care of, and no one knew how?

What if, one afternoon, everything changed?

During a world-wide black-out, a young man and woman learn about themselves as they struggle to find each other in the dark.

Musselwhite, James E.
Two Spirits: Adam and Angela
1. Fiction - Fantasy, Science Fiction
2. Fiction –Computers, Internet, Terrorists
3. Genetics, DNA Restructuring by Computer
I. Title.

© 2012-2013 James Musselwhite

Cover art © 2013 Hannah Sky Musselwhite

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Two Spirits: Adam and Angela

    “Okay, roll back to…” RCMP Inspector Will Audsley consulted his notes. “02:23:00. Watch the door.”
    Inspector Jackson turned the shuttle to the left, and the images sped backwards, blurs on the large screen flitting around like ghosts inside the fixed images of the three rooms and the entrance hall. At 02:00:00, Jackson let the knob go, and he turned it slightly to the right. The entrance hall was empty, and the door remained closed until he let the knob go, pressed play, and watched the screen with his partner.
    “There. Freeze it.” Jackson pressed pause, and shuttled back a few seconds. “Zoom in on the outside doorknob.”
    Jackson pressed a button, and used the mouse to pull a box around the image on the screen. He then pushed another button several times. Each time he did, the doorknob grew in size until it filled the screen. “Unbelievable.”
    “A watch. I knew it.”
    “How could you have picked up on that? I've seen this four times, and I never caught it.”
    “Go back and forth a few frames,” Audsley said. “Keep it big.”
     Jackson did, and then said, “You're right. A watch, then…” he turned the knob, “no watch.”
    “How could someone do that, and not screw up the time code?”
    “Maybe the time code's been altered.”
    “It would take a computer genius to do that.” Audsley thought for a while, then finally said, “Let's have another talk with the idiots.”
    “If you ask them about this, it may take away some of our ammunition.”
    “I'll be careful. Besides, you know what they'll say.”