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The Diary of Anton Vizig


Pianist Anton Vizig is a 24-year-old eccentric virtuoso who is haunted by ghosts and terrorized by puzzling nightmares. When his identity is stolen, he is forced to deal with all of life's complexities in order to solve the mystery of his past.

335 Pages.

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The Diary of Anton Vizig

Although I'm known as an authority, I can't say I knew Anton Vizig any more than Lionel Logue could say he knew King George VI, George Martin knew the Beatles, or my niece knows Justin Bieber. Yes, I met with him a few times (nine times to be precise) and I have read his extensive diaries many more times, but still he is as much of a mystery to me as he is to you.

However, like Lionel, George, or my niece, my passion for the man re-made me into a somewhat reluctant expert - called upon by musicologists, musicians and the media for my thoughts upon the measure of this man.

I simply ran out of ways to succinctly describe him. I have used every metaphor, simile, and auxesis I could devise to answer the same question, asked of me over and over: “What was he like?” Hence, this book.